Frequently Asked Questions

What do i get?

Each month you will receive top quality, Irish roasted coffee straight to your door. The amount of coffee will depend on your selection. We’ll let you know what you’ve got too.

Plus we’ll also squeeze in some Bean Delivered gifts when we can too!

What coffee will you be sending?

We will be scouring the country to find Ireland’s best roasts and sending you a different one each month.

What grind is my coffee?

You tell us! We offer both whole beans and ground, the choice is yours! The ground beans will be perfect for a french press, because that’s how we like them, or ground for espresso if you’ve got an espresso machine at home.

Your coffee will be freshest within the month so make sure you drink it all down before the next one arrives.

When do you send the coffee?

We try to ship the first week of each month. Once it’s on the way we’ll email you and let you know. Plus we’ll let you know whats in it as well.

Once you get your subscribtion in before the 25th of each month you’ll get yours that month. Any later and yours will be in the next months shipment.

Do you ship to my country?

We offer free shipping on our recurring subscription plans for the Republic of Ireland.

For gift subscriptions and coffee related product orders delivery charges will apply.

Can I cancel my coffee plan?

Yes of course. If you really want to… Do you really want to? You can cancel your plan, we’ll send you whatever you’ve already paid for and you’ll never hear from us again. 🙁

Can I only purchase subscriptions?

At the moment yes. But, that may change so keep your eyes peeled.

How is the coffee shipped?

We ship all our coffee with Nightline or An Post. But from time to time we will also deliver coffee to you ourselves so keep an eye out for us!