About Bean Delivered

Our Story

Bean Delivered was born over many a brew. Thinking about the different coffee we had tried when travelling around Ireland or the world, whether it was a from a little cafe in Dublin or a finca in Colombia, at Bean Delivered we are passionate about the coffee we drink.

Buying coffee from different roasters each month was ok but there were times we forgot or simply didn’t have time. And so Bean Delivered came to be…

Ireland has a really vibrant coffee scene and we wanted to showcase this as much as possible. This is why we only work with Irish coffee roasters. And since there are so many to choose from, what better way to learn than try them all!

A passion for coffee

We want others to enjoy their coffee as much as we do. We are passionate about finding the best roasted coffees in Ireland and delivering it coffee straight to your door.

The coffees we choose will come from all over – places like Colombia, Honduras, Mexico, Brazil, Kenya or Thailand.

Why the Hare?

As well as being one of Ireland’s oldest indigenous species, the Irish Hare epitomises that coffee experience. The hare is relaxed and poised. Always alert and ready for action. When it moves, the hare embodies power and elegance… Everything we want from a great coffee.

The coffee

Each month we work with a different Irish roaster from somewhere in the country. Whether that’s Celbridge or Dingle, Dublin or Galway, we find the best coffee and roasters for you.