The first episode of our brand new podcast, ‘Coffey Chats Coffee’ is OUT NOW!!

Every two weeks I will chat about coffee with special guests from the coffee world. In episode 1 I talk about my own coffee story and what the plan is for the podcast.

Have a listen now!

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Episode 5 – Roger Gonzalez Zapata Coffey Chats Coffee

We are fortunate enough to know some great coffee professionals who are so passionate about what they do and the industry they work in. One of the most passionate, humble and genuine of them is Roger Gonzalez Zapata. We could have talked for hours. Listen as we hear about Roger's single origin story, from his family's history with coffee in Colombia to visiting a coffee farm and working with farmers to import coffee into Europe.  You can find Roger on socials @rogerg_zapata or @los_cafes_del_arriero where you can check out his amazing interviews with coffee professionals from all over the world.
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