This month, for the third time this year, we are back to Cork. The unofficial coffee roasting capital of Ireland. Does anywhere else outside of Dublin have as many quality coffee roasters in the same county? 

So have this year we have brought you coffee from West Cork Coffee and Badger & Dodo. Next up from the rebel county are Stone Valley Coffee Roasters. 

John and Tom started Stone Valley Coffee Roasters about 3 years ago, and just last month moved into their brand new roastery outside their home town of Clonakilty. The roastery is home to a beautiful, pink 15 kilo Joper coffee roaster, which has a cool story of its own. John and Tom are both musicians and picked the colour of the roaster to match a ‘63 shell pink Fender stratocaster!

They’ve also got a little cafe in Clonakilty so next time you’re down that way be sure to pop in and say hello!

For our featured coffee this month Tom picked a Ugandan coffee from Nordic Approach. Ugandan coffee is still relatively new in the specialty coffee scene so it’s great to see how it compares to more established coffees like Kenyan or Ethopian. Plus this one is a little unusual as Tom explained to us.

It’s a semi anaerobic coffee and once picked, is put in a container for 36 hours and deprived of any oxygen. The varieties of coffee in it are usually ones you would associate with Kenyan coffee, SL-14, SL-34 and SL-27, giving it a full bodied, sweet and fruity flavour.