Our featured roaster this month hails from Laois and has been on the go for 2 years. Head roaster Tom has been roasting for 20 years in Ireland and we recently spoke with head of coffee development Gabor about the coffees they roast. This month we’re delighted to feature our first roaster based in Laois!

The vision for 8th Corner is to consistently provide excellent coffees that are roasted to their full potential and can be enjoyed by anyone & everyone. They aim to promote not just good coffee, but a healthy & positive lifestyle also which is embodied in their company motto:

‘Good coffee. Good health. Good times.’

The main coffee 8th Corner Coffee suggested for us this month comes from Kenya. We got to try it a few months ago when they first got it in and is one we thoroughly enjoyed.

Two of Kenya’s top three exports are tea and coffee. Tea is exported vastly more than coffee which explains the unusual situation the Karinga Factory finds itself in, located right in the heart of tea country. Situated at over 1800m above sea level in the Thika District of Kiambu County, the Karinga Factory is part of the large Gitwe Farmers Co-op. 

The co-op is made up of around 500 members and the long established Karinga Factory receives coffee cherries from small farms and villages in the surrounding Kimarui, Kariungu, Gachuha and Mugalwa regions. 

Coffee is processed using a wet method and with water pumped from the nearby River Rwabura. To be more sustainable the factory has introduced a number of projects such as waste water soak pits which allow the waste water to soak back into the soil. 

The coffee is made up of SL 28 and SL34 varieties and has tasting notes of Nectarine and lemon sherbet with a honey and peach yoghurt body. It’s cupping score is 88.