High up in the Andes of northern Peru sits Cajamarca. The city where the last Incan emperor, Atahualpa, took his final stand against the Spanish at the Battle of Cajamarca in 1532. An important cultural town located about 13 hours drive from the country’s capital city Lima.

A couple of hundred kilometres further north lies the area of Domingo de la Capilla. The region is high, warm and has good levels of rainfall that helps create it’s micro climate for growing some amazing coffee.

With tasting notes of a delicate and clean cup, notes of stone fruits and raspberry with a crisp black tea finish, Creed Coffee Roasters have selected some outstanding coffee. Produced by just 2 farmers, Reinerio Vega Chuque and José Marcos Rafael Torres and made up of 3 varieties Caturra, Bourbon, Catimore. 

The coffee was sourced by Creed Coffee Roasters from Voicevale Specialty Coffee who also ethically source coffee from Brazil, Colombia, Bolivia and Honduras. 

Creed Coffee Roasters was established in 2016 by Paul and Declan, and they roast some outstanding coffees in the shipping container located behind their cafe on main street in Celbridge. This month they have roasted one just for Bean Delivered. A beautiful Peruvian coffee. 

Currently Peru is the eighth-largest coffee producer in the world and is one of our favourite coffee countries as it’s one we’ve been to so will always be close to our hearts. But it’s often one that’s overlooked when it comes to specialty coffee. Try this month’s coffee and you’ll really wonder why!

You can find Creed Coffee Roasters in Celbridge, Kildare, on Instagram @CreedCoffeeRoasters, or via their website: creedcoffeeroasters.ie/shop

Creed Coffee Roasters Bean Delivered