Travel for us means a break from routine, a new environment where we notice even the ordinary details and an opportunity to take part in new adventures.

It allows us to become immersed in another world that makes us forget our everyday problems, gain new perspectives and come home feeling rested and refreshed.

But do we really need to travel thousands of miles to experience these feelings?

With Covid-19 bringing world travel to its knees, we are going to have to think outside the box. Or rather… inside the box!

Love it or loathe it, 2020 is the year of the Irish staycation

In fact, according to a recent study by the Irish Central, 60% of the Irish population are planning on an Irish staycation this year. 

Sunning ourselves in Spain may be off the cards for many of us for now, but until we can take to the skies again, it’s the perfect opportunity to look inwards and rediscover the beauty, adventure and incredible coffee that awaits right on our green doorstep. 

Irish Staycation Wild Atlantic Way

The Benefits of an Irish Staycation

Open road, great views and amazing coffee = Our recipe for the perfect staycation!

We don’t have to travel thousands of miles for adventure or great coffee. A getaway in our own country can be just as refreshing. From boosting the local economy, supporting Irish businesses to reducing our carbon footprint, Irish staycations have so many far-reaching benefits. 

For us, it’s the chance to sample the incredible locally roasted coffee that’s on offer throughout Ireland. 

With so many to choose from, we are going to split our guide into different regions, starting with The Wild Atlantic Way.

The Wild Atlantic Way Irish Staycation

The Wild Atlantic Way

One of the most popular spots for an Irish staycation is The Wild Atlantic Way.

Almost the entire length of our country, the Wild Atlantic Way is the world’s longest signed coastal route and stretches over 9 counties and 3 provinces, totaling a massive 1,553 miles!  

The coastal drive meanders along Ireland’s Atlantic coast, taking in some of the most beautiful parts of the country’s rich culture, stunning scenery and delicious local roasted coffee. 

If you’re planning a trip along the Wild Atlantic Way this summer, here’s our guide of some of the best coffee spots to hit along the way!

Irish Staycation: Woman holding Bean Delivered coffee cup in Co. Sligo

Irish Staycation at The Surf Coast (Donegal & Sligo)

The Surf Coast is truly a place to revive & rejuvenate with its wave-thrashed coastlines and breathtaking mountain views.

Carrow Coffee Roaster Logo

Featured Roaster: Carrow Coffee, Co. Sligo

Hidden in the shadow of Knocknarea and on the back of the Ox Mountains, yards from the Wild Atlantic is Carrow Coffee Roasters. Roasting out of an award-winning wooden shed, Carrow Coffee roasts some of the best coffee in the country. Check out our interview with roaster, Andrew here

You can enjoy Carrow Coffee at Strandhill Market, Beltra Country Market, Sweet Beat Café, Kate’s Kitchen and one of our personal favourite spots,  Shell’s Cafe.

Make sure to check out Go Strandhill if you’re looking for more to see and do around Sligo too.

Iirish Staycation: Reusable coffee cup over sea in Co. Galway

Irish Staycation at The Bay Coast (Galway & Mayo)

Dazzling beaches, picturesque landscapes and the buzz on cobbled streets are what we think of when it comes to the Bay Coast.

Calendar Coffee Logo

Featured Roaster: Calendar Coffee, Co. Galway

Zarah and Dan are the roaster duo behind Calendar Coffee, serving up a beautiful selection of seasonally sourced coffee. Sustainability is at the heart of their business, with their roastery, also located in Galway, operating as “99% zero waste,”. All shipping emissions are offset through a reforestation project in a nearby town in Co. Clare. 

Calendar coffee is widely available across Ireland, some of our favourite spots include Little Fox, Coffeewerk + Press and the Little Lane Coffee Company.

Irish Staycation: Bean Delivered reusable coffee cup in front of Cliffs of Moher, Co. Clare

Irish Staycation at The Cliff Coast (Clare & Kerry)

Rocky terrains, vast mountainous landscapes and beautiful hiking trails are just some of what’s to offer on the Cliff Coast.

Bean In Dingle

Featured Roaster: Bean in Dingle, Co. Kerry

Founded in 2015, by brothers Justin & Luke, Bean in Dingle serves up chilled out vibes and the most delicious house blend in the heart of the bustling picturesque port town, Dingle. To learn more, check out our interview with roasters Luke and Katie here.

You can enjoy Bean in Dingle at their own café located on Green Street, Dingle.

Irish Staycation: Bean Delivered Reusable Coffee Cup in Co. Cork

Irish Staycation at The Southern Peninsulas (Cork)

Great mountainous vines stretching out to the wild roaring sea is just some of what to expect during a trip to the Southern Peninsulas.

West Cork Coffee Logo

Featured Roaster: West Cork Coffee, Co. Cork

Founded by passionate artisan roaster, Tony Speight, West Cork Coffee serves up coffee packed with flavour and conscience, with a % of their profits put towards funding and supporting sustainable coffee supply and the livelihoods of coffee producers and their families.

You can enjoy West Cork Coffee at some of our favourite spots around Cork including  O’ Neill Coffee, Good Day Deli, Diva Boutique Bakery and Ichigo Ichie. Or if you fancy a coffee on the beach head to Drip at The Warren Beach in Rosscarbery.

Badger & Dodo Logo

Featured Roaster: Badger & Dodo, Co. Cork

Roasting since 2008, Badger & Dodo are Irish artisan roasters based in Fermoy, Co. Cork. Founded by Brock and his father in law, they focus on sourcing single-origin & estate coffee and supply over 200 cafes and restaurants nationwide. 

You can enjoy Badger & Dodo in this month’s Bean Delivered subscription by signing up here.

What are your favourite coffee spots on the Wild Atlantic Way? Leave your recommendations in the comments below!

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