Stop for a moment.

And think about the last time you were recognised for doing a great job. 

How did that make you feel? 

Pretty good, right? 

All employees need recognition from time to time. 

Acknowledging the effort of your team members through perks and benefits can make them feel appreciated and keep them feeling inspired and motivated to continue to do their best at work. 

Time and time again, we read reports of companies competing for new recruits, in a battle of “who has the best to offer?”.In fact, according to a study by SHRM,  “92% of employees state benefits and perks impact their job satisfaction”.

Employee Benefits Sign

In a pre-pandemic world, employee perks may have been delivered in the form of “after work” drinks, free food or office events.

Today however, with teams separated and based at home, management is challenged to think creatively for innovative ways to keep their teams feeling connected and appreciated. 

It’s easy for remote teams to feel isolated and when most of your workforce is spread out, it can be difficult to maintain a strong company culture. Collaboration, morale, and motivation can all take a hit. 

Management might find themselves asking questions like;

How do we keep our teams motivated in the long term? How can we foster a sense of togetherness? How can we reward great work from afar?

We believe the answer is coffee!

Coffee and Modern Magazine

The Best Ideas are Created With Coffee

Coffee is widely known for its powerful effects on our energy, productivity, creativity and focus levels but the benefits go far beyond that. 

At Bean Delivered, we believe coffee plays an important part of our everyday ritual.  

It sets us up for the day ahead and gives us a moment to pause and be mindful.

For many remote workers, they might be missing the role coffee had to play in their old work routine. The reusable cup they gripped on the bus, the mad dash to the local coffee shop before a meeting or the chats with colleagues at the canteen coffee machine. 

And so, with that in mind, we’ve put together a collection of caffeinated offerings to help perk up your team from home.

3 Bags of Irish Roasted Coffee Beans

Coffee Subscription Gifts

Fuel your next team virtual coffee meeting with our monthly coffee subscription service. 

It’s the gift that literally keeps on giving!

Delivered to their door each month, your team will have a chance to experience freshly roasted beans sourced from Ireland’s top roasters.

Are they a whole, filter or ground lover? All subscriptions can be tailored to each team member, based on their coffee preference. 

Bean Delivered Working From Home

Brew at Home Coffee Equipment

The secret of brewing a great cup of coffee at home lies within the right tools. 

Give the gift of good coffee from home- always, with our range of at home brewing equipment. 

Choose from the French press, Aeropress, V60 Dripper & much more or add to a subscription or gift box as an extra treat.

Bean Delivered Gift Box

Coffee Gift Boxes

Working from home can be challenging- a totally new work environment for your employees to navigate, so why not gift them some home comforts? 

Our coffee gift boxes are the perfect care-package and are suitable for welcoming new team members, for celebrating employee milestones or for acknowledging a job well-done.

Each gift box comes complete with the month’s premium roast, a Bean Delivered Coffee Tin, a coffee tasting notebook, and a Bean Delivered reusable cup! 

And for the ultimate coffee lover on your team, you can also upgrade to our Starter Gift Box!

Ready to Place Your Order?

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For large or custom orders, you can email us at info@beandelivered.com 

We accept a range of payment options and delivery is free within Ireland!

Get in touch with us today to discuss how we can help you and your team as they work from home. Head to our Corporate Coffee Page, pop in your details and we’ll arrange a time to have a coffee and chat about what we can do. https://www.beandelivered.ie/corporate-contact/

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