“Coffee is a cup of hope in a world full of chaos and Mondays” 

The world has slowed down. Significantly.

And many of us are turning to the simple pleasures that our daily life brings.

For us, that’s coffee. 

And more specifically, the little habits that turn just a standard cup of joe into a ritual. 

Coffee is often seen as just fuel. A drink we need to jumpstart a groggy morning or boost a lagging afternoon. 

However, for true coffee lovers, that morning cup of coffee is more than a jolt of caffeine. 

The sound of the coffee brewing, the rich small filling the kitchen, the feel of your favourite mug- it’s a daily ritual and each is as individual as the person partaking in it. 

Making coffee a ritual elevates it above a source of energy and gives us a few minutes a day to be mindful, appreciative, and calm. And if you try it for a while, you might find that you think a little more clearly, have a little less anxiety and look forward to something you used to take for granted.

Looking to create a coffee ritual of your own? The following is some inspiration to get you started…

Dedicating A Space

Our usual coffee spots may have changed recently, swapping the bustling barista shops for a comfy spot on your couch but that doesn’t mean you cannot recreate those coffee shop vibes right from your home. 

For true relaxation vibes, we recommend dedicating a separate space away from where you work. Somewhere you feel comfortable and able to completely switch off, even if it’s just for a few minutes. 

Unwind with a book, a favourite magazine or tune into a playlist- whatever it is that can help transform that space into your very own coffee nook. 
If you are feeling particularly creative, why not consider setting up a coffee station or bar in your kitchen? Need some inspiration? We’ve been drooling over some of these set-ups.

Host A Virtual Coffee Date

Coffee is a social drink. It likes to be shared.

In lieu of a coffee shop meet-up, host a virtual coffee date with family, friends or even a colleague! 

In many physical workplaces, having coffee together is a normal part of the day.  

With most of your team now spread out, working remotely, it can be difficult to maintain a strong company culture or relationships with your fellow colleagues. Collaboration, morale and belonging can all take a hit. Regular virtual coffee breaks are an excellent way to stay connected and provide a nice mental break for each team member. 

Some of the best ideas happen over coffee! Get the creative juices flowing within your team with our coffee delivery service. We can supply your team with fresh coffee and a new french press- the perfect perk-up! To place an order or for more information, email us at info@beandelivered.ie

Coffee Content

If that extra shot of coffee doesn’t wake you up in the morning, why not add to your caffeine fix with a coffee talk or video?

There are so many out there, but here’s a  round-up of a few of our favourites:

  • James Hoffman: James is an absolute coffee legend. His YouTube channel has over 325 thousand subscribers and his videos are brilliant. Here he talks about adding salt to coffee! You can watch it here
  • Los Cafes Del Arriero: Roger from Los Cafes del Arriero has been putting on really great coffee talks with people from the coffee industry around Ireland and the world on IGTV. You can see his talk with Jackie Malone, Regional Community Director for the SCA Ireland here
  • Bean Delivered: OK so we’re a bit biased here but you should watch our YouTube channel to see the videos we put together with the roasters we feature. Currently because of Covid-19 these are on hold but in a few months we’ll have loads to make! Here’s one with did with Bean in Dingle last year. Watch here

Coffee Roaster Rituals

At Bean Delivered, we are obsessed with people’s coffee rituals. How they make their coffee, when they drink it and where. 

So, we asked a few of our roasters to share theirs with us!

Zarah – Calendar Coffee

This month’s roaster Calendar Coffee has one of the most idyllic views when they’re enjoying their cup of coffee, looking out over beautiful Galway Bay.

“Our favourite coffee spot is just a 2-minute walk from the roastery. We brew up something nice and take a wander down to Barna pier. The view of Galway Bay always puts us in a good mood and it’s the best way to start the day!”

Tom – Tra Coffee Roasters

Tom sent us on a couple of pics of Tra Coffee travelling the global with the Irish troops in Syria and Lebanon. Brilliant to see the Irish roasted coffee around the world.

Simon – PS Coffee

Restricted movement has meant more time at home for Simon from PS Coffee. So he’s ordered himself a great little espresso machine so he can still test our their coffees at home.

Pete – Farmhand Coffee

Now this is more like it! Pete says; “Usually the combination of a hammock, an excitable pup and a hot cup of coffee would be a recipe for disaster, but it worked out fine! Good times in the sun.

James – Bean Delivered

Thankfully the weather has been good lately so my own cosy coffee spot has moved outside. Last week it was completed by some amazing new mugs and pour over from Aranucia Ceramics.

What’s YOUR Coffee Ritual?

Now, it’s your turn!

We’d love to hear how coffee fits into your day. Take a photo of your coffee ritual and tag us @beandelivered on Instagram for a chance to win a free month of coffee!*

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