3 Easy Tips To Make Your Coffee Drinking Habit More Sustainable

Ahhh, Coffee! 

The perfect remedy for an AM wake-me-up, mid-morning pick-me-up or afternoon drag-me-up!

We couldn’t live without our morning cup(s) of coffee here at Bean Delivered. It’s just about the only thing that motivates us to leave our warm and cosy bed in the morning and is our faithful, welcome companion during endless meetings or long, ugly commutes. 

And it turns out we are not alone…

Despite our countries’ traditional dedication and association with tea, 70% of Irish people are now drinking more than one cup of coffee every day!

In fact, if you stroll any Irish city during morning rush hour, you’re guaranteed to find the paths teeming with people inhaling the bitter, sweet aromas of their early morning coffee, zinging to life as the caffeine hits their circulation. 

But while this caffeine hit is relatively short-lived, the environmental impact of certain coffee practices can linger.

Today we are bombarded with endless tips on cutting down waste and leading a greener lifestyle and it can be daunting and confusing to determine where to even begin!

With that in mind, we’ve put together 3 easy ways that can help lower your coffee addictions’ environmental impact and whilst still enjoying its tasty, warm goodness.

  1.  Reusable Cups Always

Did you know that over 6 single-use coffee cups are disposed of every second in Ireland? That’s 528,000 single-use cups every. single. day!

When it comes to coffee “on the go”, using a reusable cup is a no-brainer. 

Not only will you cut down on waste, look cooler (yes, really!) and enjoy warmer coffee for longer, you can also save money. Many coffee shops now offer a discount for customers who bring along their own cup and if you are a regular coffee drinker, this could save you serious €€€ each year!

Implementing reusable cups into your morning routine was recently made even easier with a new green initiative by “2GoCup”.  This Irish start-up is on a mission to tackle the issue of single-use products and make every coffee shop, cafe, restaurant and organisation in Ireland disposable-free. 

2GoCup’s “Deposit & Return” scheme allows you to purchase a cup for a deposit of just €1 in participating coffee shops, reuse it for up to 1,000 times or return it for your deposit back. 

To celebrate this new eco-friendly initiative, Bean Delivered included a 2GoCup in each box of our February subscriptions and the feedback so far has been incredible!

Have you taken part in the 2GoCup initiative yet? Read more at www.2gocup.ie

  1.  Recycle Those Grounds

Did you know that used coffee grounds release methane when they’re disposed of in landfill sites, which is even more harmful than CO2?

The good news is that used grinds have so much to give!  Here are just three of our favourite uses:

In the Garden 

If you’re a gardener, don’t trash those spent coffee grounds! They can be composted or incorporated straight into your garden areas or houseplants as a natural compost. The nitrogen contained within the grounds can benefit the quality of the soil, help keep slugs and snails away and can even be a great source of food for worm bins! 

On the Body 

Used coffee grounds can be transformed into a natural and effective body scrub. Simply mix with warm coconut oil and brown sugar and keep in a glass container for up to 3 months. Not only will your bathroom smell glorious in the morning but the caffeine from the grounds can actually help improve circulation in the body when used regularly!

Around the Home

Coffee works wonders at getting rid of any unwanted odours that can be lurking around the household. Simply place a bowl of coffee grounds in the fridge to absorb strong odours or add to an old pair of tights and leave inside pongy shoes or pet areas overnight. The grounds can also be used as a hand scrub to remove stubborn stains or odours such as fish or garlic!

  1. Support Local Roasters 

Aside from tobacco, coffee is sprayed with more chemicals than any other product consumed by humans!

… Crazy, right?!

Buying coffee from the right local roaster is a good way to not only get the best quality coffee and help the environment but also helps support smaller independent businesses. That being said you should look for a roaster that is conscious about where they buy their coffee and how that coffee is processed.

Here are some things to look out for: 

  • Organic: means that the beans are grown without nasty pesticides, herbicides or fertilisers which are harmful to the environment.
  • Traceability: can the roaster trace where the coffee came from?  What’s the story behind the beans they are using?
  • Roast Date: when was the coffee roasted? Some coffee actually tastes better 10/15 days after it’s been roasted! When discussing this with Gary at Imbibe, he believes that their recent Kenyan roast is at its’ peak 16 days after roast!

Still a little bit lost?!

We can help! Bean Delivered takes the guesswork out of selecting a coffee roaster. We select the best roasters from Ireland and partner exclusively with those who follow eco-friendly practices. You can read about some of our previous roasters here

The Takeaway 

What’s for sure is that coffee is a big business globally and has as much impact on the environment as it does on our taste buds. The coffee industry has environmental impacts throughout the supply chain, but the good news is that you can make a difference at a consumer level. By implementing just a few small changes to our daily coffee routines, we can help contribute to a more sustainable coffee-drinking culture.

Now, sit back and enjoy that cup of sustainable coffee. You’ve earned it! 

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