Bean Delivered has arrived! After some months of planning, weeks of work and countless cups of coffee, Bean Delivered has launched.

Our goal is to share the amazing work Irish coffee roasters are doing with as many people as we can. We love coffee. Whether it’s from Colombia or Costa Rica, roasted in Celbridge or Cork, we love it! And we like to keep it simple. Ground beans, french press or aeropress (chemex if we’re feeling fancy), hot water, and a good cup.

Each month we’ll send you a different coffee, roasted by one of Ireland’s best coffee roasters. We’ll travel the country to find them. We’ll bring it back to the Bean Delivered base. And we’ll ship it to you for free (in Ireland).

Want whole beans? No problem. Want it ground? No problem. We’ll send both. And by the time the month is finished you’ll be ready for the next one.

So after a busy few months we are now live and excited to go on this journey with you, to make sure your coffee, is Bean Delivered.